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About The Mortgage Advice Center

We pride ourselves on efficiency and service

14 years providing excellent advice

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Make sure you get the right information and the cheapest rates

As we are whole of market we can make sure that you are receiving the right information and advice from across the whole mortgage market. It also means that we can get you the best rates.

As you are speaking to qualified and experienced whole of market advisors then you can be assured that you are being told the right information that you can base your decisions on

We only provide credit checked Agreement In Principals to make sure that you are able to get the mortgage amount you require. We are seeing Agreement In Principals being provided that are not lender or credit check specific. This ultimately wastes a lot of time as the Agreement In Principal hasn’t been properly verified and the figures are often incorrect, especially if they produced by online brokers.



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Get what you are looking for fast

We pride ourselves on giving a human touch and being able to help the client with what they need. You will always talk directly to an advisor who will be able to answer questions without referring them on and wasting time.

We realise that each individual is different and we service our clients with this in mind . We make sure we understand the clients situations,   questions and needs

We always happy to help if we can and will tell you if we cant.

We do not waste any one’s time – As you are always speaking to experienced and qualified advisors, they will know if we can help you  or not and will not waste  precious time

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Work with a qualified Human !

So often these days customers are passed from pillar to post often to find out that they cant get what they wanted. There is so much time wasted and such a lack of customer care in finance.

We have created a business where we value your time and also the end goal. This is why you will always speak to a qualified advisor who will be able to efficiently advise you on your best options. You will have one point of contact.

We offer a service that is friendly and has your best interests at heart. We are normal people who like to speak to speak to people, we are not sales types and pride ourselves on representing the client to make sure we get them the best out come.

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We do use technology

We use technology where required to make our systems more efficient for our customers and ourselves. However if you need things popping in the post we can do that too.

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Our Office has been in Truro Cornwall for 14 years

We are based in Truro where we have been for 14 years. We love Cornwall and really like helping people in Cornwall or those who are moving to Cornwall.  That said we do have national and International clients also who use our services, we are always glad to meet new people and are happy to help.

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Advice over the phone, in person or online.


The Mortgage Advice Center was established 14 years ago with the main aim  to promote itself through offering quality advice and service to clients. Operating from our office in Truro Cornwall we bring a human aspect to finance.

The website was developed to give consumers information about mortgages and to offer cheap protection options. Regardless of what your situation, the Mortgage Advice Center advisors know the best way to approach the most awkward of cases. Experienced, customer focused, and driven, all advisors are exceptional at their jobs.

We appreciate that not everyone has time to have a meeting with an IFA or feels comfortable doing so, with the development of the Internet the whole mortgage and protection process has become easier and quicker to process. We can do the whole mortgage process over the phone and by email. However if you feel more comfortable having a meeting with an IFA in your home then we can arrange this for you as well.

The Mortgage Advice Center is the Internet trading name for AndersonLLoydLLP which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All the advisors are fully qualified Independant Financial Advisors with al least 5 years of experience in mortgages, pensions, investments and insurance. Anderson LLoyd was created to bring together experienced partners to provide exceptional service and advice.


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