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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgage

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Commercial Mortgage

At the Mortgage Advice Center we have commercial mortgage specialists who have access to all the main stream and specialist lenders. We can easily contact  lenders and have the expertise so that we can assess a case before you commit to any decision.

We will run through an initial fact find  with you so that we have all the information required to put a great case forward to the lenders that we recommend. The key to obtaining a good commercial mortgage is  making sure that it is presented in the correct way to the lender. We have a great relationship with commercial mortgage lenders and this along with our experience will allow us to present your project in the most suitable manner. As we know what the lenders require from the start then we can often inform you of all the requirements in the initial stages so that we do not waste your time and so that any mortgage is processed as efficiently as possible.

You will always have a dedicated point of contact which will be a fully qualified and experienced IFA. This means that you will have no frustrating calls to sales or telephone staff who have to relay messages on to others. We pride ourselves on offering professional advice in a fast and responsive manner, you being in contact with one of our qualified advisors helps us achieve this.

Presently the Commercial mortgage market is almost divided into two. The high street lenders are looking for solid propositions that involve minimal risk. The more speculative projects niche lenders are suited to Niche lenders.Our specialists will be able to search for the most appropriate lender and will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

We are finding that a lot of existing commercial customers are coming to us as a result of their bank not offering them the terms that they require due to the change in the high street banks commercial mortgage criteria. We are able to review your existing deals or offers to see if we can find a more suitable lender that may be able to help you achieve your goals in a more appropriate and cost effective way. The Commercial Mortgage market is definitely picking up as the confidence in the uK economy rises.

Our advisors will not only help you find the most suitable products from across the market but they will also talk through your business project with you , and will help you make the right decisions. They will not only look at the mortgage side of things but will help you fit the project in with your lifetime goals and aspirations, through offering thought provoking advice and recommendations. Ultimately our adviors will get to know you and your situation so that they gain a full understanding of your situation and the way that you and your business will work.

If you are looking at  a new commercial mortgage project or wish to review your existing deal then our advisor’s will be able to give you the peace of mind to ensure that you are getting the right mortgage for your requirements. they will be able to make you aware of all the costs involved and what to be aware of when sourcing a commercial mortgage.

Once a client puts in an application with us then our team will manage the whole process for you. They will be in contact with the lender and yourself to ensure that the project is being processed quickly and efficiently.


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