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Holiday Let Mortgages

Holiday let Mortgages

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Are Holiday Let Mortgages different to Buy To Let mortgages?

Yes they are, there are specific Holiday let mortgages that have different criteria and in some instances they are assessed differently to BTL mortgages with some lenders. You are in some instances able to borrow more on a Holiday Let Mortgage because the projected  annual income of the property is often higher than a BTL.

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What should I consider when getting a Holiday let Mortgage

Our advisors will be able to find you the most suitable provider depending on your situation. Different lenders have varying criteria that depends on your personal income, deposit requirements and the way that they will assess the achieved income of the property .

To be able to get the most out of the initial call with our advisors then you should get a projection of the proposed  Holiday Let rental income from a Holiday let agent for the low, mid and high season.  This will help our advisors work out how much of a mortgage you would be able to achieve.

At the time of writing most lenders require at least a 25% deposit

Most lenders would require a minimum income of 25- 30 k , if you are self employed then you would need 2 years accounts.


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Do you have access to all the lenders?

Yes we do, we are whole of market so we are able to find the right Holiday let mortgage for you. We are specialists in this field and will be able to efficiently guide you through the process.

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