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Mortgage Broker Cornwall

At the Mortgage Advice Center, we provide clear, accurate advice to both new and existing homeowners who are looking to finance the purchase of a new property. This advice can be dispensed at a face-to-face meeting or by phone, depending on your preference and location. We also provide our expert assistance to commercial property buyers …


Mortgage Broker Cornwall – update

  High Demand – lots of mortgage availability. Well we have been very busy which means there is a lot of demand for people buying houses and refinancing which is great news. The mortgage market has become more competitive which means that lenders are trying their best to entice new customers by offering favourable deals. …


Tips for getting a mortgage

1. Don’t give up   Just because one of the few high street banks have said that you cannot get a mortgage doesn’t mean that you cant. Banks like every other lender  have a certain criteria and profile of customer that they are looking for. If you don’t tick their boxes then you may find your …


Commercial Mortgage Cornwall

Commercial Mortgages for Cornwall –  A lot of business owners or the general public  who are looking for commercial lending may not necessarily know what their options are. With the reduction in high street lenders offering the previous volumes of commercial mortgages it has become harder to make the public aware of their options. Banks have always …


Self Build Mortgages

  More and more people are choosing to opt for the choice of building their own home instead of going down the conventional route of purchasing a renovation project or even a newly built property. As with the majority of home or property purchases many people require some degree of financial aid to assist them …


Mortgage Application UK Approvals Rise

Mortgage Application UK Approvals Rise According to the Bank of England, mortgage application UK approvals  have risen in June for the first time in 5 months. The effects of the mortgage market review  initially dampened  the mortgage market but the market is recovering. The mortgage market review focused on making sure that mortgage lenders looked into customers …


95% mortgages are back – Help to Buy

93 95% mortgage products available – Help to Buy  Below are the sourcing results for a test case to see how many products are available with a 5% deposit to help to buy Prepared 11/04/2014 Lender Panel All Lenders Mortgage Types Fixed, Capped, Discount, Variable, LIBOR Linked and Tracker Repayment Method Repayment Filters Lifetime products: …


Why it is Critical Life Insurance Matches Your Mortgage

While Remortgaging, it’s Critical that Life Insurance Matches Your Mortgage Remortgaging is also a good time to review your life insurance. It is critical life insuarance matches your policy. It is too easy to let this slip and not review your policy. It is critical that your life insurance matches your mortgage amount so that you can …


Is your life Insurance policy under trust?

 Is your life Insurance policy under trust? People in the Uk are paying £448 m too much in IHT according to a report that was done by Unbiased. When you take out a life insurance policy you may not have been made aware of the best practice method of putting your policy under a trust. …


New Halifax New build Mortgage

New Halifax New build Mortgage Halifax have today launched a new build Mortgage, a 95% Loan To Value deal Halifax are now the fourth lender that have introduces a mortgage for the New Buy Scheme. The other lenders are Barclays, Nationwide and the RBS. Santander have proposed that they will be lauching a product later …

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