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Mortgage Application UK Approvals Rise

Mortgage Application UK Approvals Rise According to the Bank of England, mortgage application UK approvals  have risen in June for the first time in 5 months. The effects of the mortgage market review  initially dampened  the mortgage market but the market is recovering. The mortgage market review focused on making sure that mortgage lenders looked into customers …


Mortgage Affordability Checks – Tips and Advice on What To do

Mortgage Affordability Checks Mortgage application approvals have fallen since this time last year. This may be proof that new Mortgage affordability checks are coming in to play. According to the bank of England Mortgage Approvals have fallen to the lowest level since last June. In may the bank of England state that their were 61,707 …


New Mortgage Rules and Your Mortgage Application

New mortgage Rules and your mortgage application New mortgage rules came in to force on the 25th April that now focus on the ability of customers to afford their mortgage payments on an ongoing basis . Mortgage lenders are now responsible for ensuring that its customers can afford the mortgage that they provide. The onus …


95% mortgages are back – Help to Buy

93 95% mortgage products available – Help to Buy  Below are the sourcing results for a test case to see how many products are available with a 5% deposit to help to buy Prepared 11/04/2014 Lender Panel All Lenders Mortgage Types Fixed, Capped, Discount, Variable, LIBOR Linked and Tracker Repayment Method Repayment Filters Lifetime products: …


Help To Buy Mortgage UK Scheme Announced

Help To Buy Mortgage Scheme 2014 The second part of the Help To Buy Mortgage UK scheme has now been put forward from January 2014 with new deals due to be announced this week. Part two of the Help To Buy Scheme offers loans up to 95% on all types of property whilst part one …


The UK Mortgage Advice Center Sees Increase in Demand

 UK Mortgage Advice Center The UK Mortgage Advice Center is seeing increasing demand for its services this year and we are able to find more deals for our clients due to the increase in products that are appearing on the market. There are more products available to those with smaller deposits or have  low amounts …


Why it is Critical Life Insurance Matches Your Mortgage

While Remortgaging, it’s Critical that Life Insurance Matches Your Mortgage Remortgaging is also a good time to review your life insurance. It is critical life insuarance matches your policy. It is too easy to let this slip and not review your policy. It is critical that your life insurance matches your mortgage amount so that you can …


UK Mortgage Approvals Decline- The Importance of Advice

Uk mortgage approvals decline- The Importance of advice UK Mortgage approvals were down to an 8 month low according to the Bank Of England. UK Mortgage lenders criteria has become more stringent because the actual lenders lenders are finding it harder and more expensive to secure money to lend. They also expect mortgage lending to …


Do a credit check yourself before getting advice

Do a credit check yourself before getting advice When being assessed for a mortgage by a mortgage lender, one of the factors they will take into account is what credit rating you have. Different lenders will put varying weightings  on your credit check result. For example a lot of the main banks and online deals …