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At the Mortgage Advice Center we have access to the whole of the UK mortgage market, ensuring we find you a mortgage product to suit your circumstances and budget. With so many mortgage deals out there it can be very difficult to find the most suitable. Online mortgage calculators and comparison sites can give you a general idea of an appropriate home loan but to hammer out the finer details including early repayment charges, mortgage insurance and other fees, you are better off speaking to a professional.

We offer mortgage advice on all types of mortgages residential and commercial. If you would like to get an idea of the mortgage application process  then click the highlighted link.

Residential Mortgages

All of our advisors are fully qualified to offer complete mortgage advice, they are also fully qualified independent financial advisors so this means that they can look at your situation as a whole to ensure that they give best advice. Not only are we good at finding the best rates but we are experienced in looking at the most complex cases if required, cases where they may not be accepted by high street lenders. Lately there have been quite a few changes in the way mortgages are assessed and our advisors are up to  date with these changes. They also have the knowledge of which lenders are suitable for which applicants. Our advisors act on your behalf, they do not act on the behalf of the lenders. We represent you to make sure that your mortgage experience is managed in the most efficient way and our objective is to ensure that we get you the most suitable mortgage from across the whole of the mortgage market.


Commercial Mortgages

Our commercial team will be able to offer you a free assessment and will advise you on how best to obtain a commercial mortgage. We have access to all of the high street lenders that we will always consider first, from there we look at niche lenders who may be able to offer you something extra. We will be able to help you assess the business that you are purchasing and will be able to present your mortgage in the most suitable manner to the lenders. No more shopping around on your part, we do this for you but will know which lenders to approach from our expertise and how to approach them.

Self Build mortgages

If you are looking to build your own property then we can help you find the required funding for this. We will be able to offer advice and let you know how much funding you are able to obtain so that you can build your own home. Self build mortgages are for residential purposes only. A lender will lend the money so that you can build your own property. After the property is build generally you would re mortgage onto a normal residential mortgage. Again we are whole of market so we will be able to help you find the most suitable self build mortgage.

Equity Release

If you are over 60 and are looking to release equity from your home and don’t want to pay any interest payments then equity release maybe worth considering. Taking out equity release is a big decision, our advisors will comprehensively explain everything about equity release and will be able to tell you about what you nee to consider. They will guide you through the journey and will also communicate with family and third parties if required to ensure that everyone is informed.

Generally equity release allows you to take a % of equity from your property depending on your age and sometimes health. The interest payments are usually rolled up on to the mortgage although some lenders will allow you to pay the monthly payment. On death the mortgage plus interest payments are repaid to the lender.



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We Provide advice all over Cornwall

We are based in Truro in Cornwall and have offered advice from the Mortgage Advice Center for 7 years. We work with all types of mortgages and situations and if there is a solution out there then our advisors will be able to find it.

Our advisors offer mortgages all over Cornwall, we provide advice face to face, over the phone or through email. We only  offer face to face appointments  through out Cornwall including :






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