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What is a But To Let mortgage ?

A buy to let mortgage is a loan that you take against a property that you rent out. It is an investment property that you let out to a tenant on an Assured  Tenancy Agreement.

Buy To let Mortgages are often used by people who already have their foot in the housing ladder and already own a home. However there are some lenders that will lend to you if you do not already a home.

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What should I consider when looking for a BTL mortgage ?

Firstly you will require a deposit, usually a 25% deposit however some lenders do provide 20% deposit BTL. The amount that you can borrow is often based on the amount of market rent that the property would generate. Unlike a residential mortgage the amount you can borrow  isn’t linked to your personal income. However some lenders would take this into account if the amount of rent required fell short to obtain the loan.


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How do I find the best BTL deal ?

Surprise, book an appointment to speak to our advisors. We are whole of market so will find you the best valued BTL and will offer advice on what is achievable.   There are many BTL lenders out there that all assess you differently, we are able to cut through the noise and recommend the most suitable lender.

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Can I get Interest Only on a BTL mortgage

Yes you can. The interest only option on a BTL mortgage is alot easier to obtain that on a residential mortgage  and many BTL are taken out as Interest only. However you would not be paying off any of the mortgage on Interest only and would still owe the initial balance of the mortgage at the end of the term if you made no capital repayments .

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