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Property development Finance

Funding for a new Build, Renovation or Part Build. We help property developers find finance.

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How Much can I borrow ?

The amount that can be borrowed is based on the value of the development once the work has been completed. Currently we are able to obtain funding for up to 60% of the Gross Development Value and 70% of the total build costs.

The lenders will want to see commitment from the borrower with the lender usually providing the build costs .

How the loan would be structured would depend on if the land is already owned or not.

Speak to one of advisors to get an idea of how much you are able to borrow.




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What would I require to apply ?

Once a lender has been found for the project and we apply , the lenders will assess the case:


The lenders will assess each case individually on its own merits. To give you an idea of what will be required :

  • Proof of experience and CV
  • Planning permissions and and 106 requirements
  • Plans for the build
  • Full costing breakdown
  • Estimate of the end value of the project
  • Details of the works – schedule of works
  • Cash flow forecast and when drawdowns will be required
  • Personal fact find – assets and liabilities
  • Details of builders and professions who are involved
  • Details of how you will exit the loan for example through refinance or sale.
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What is a property development Loan ?

A Loan that is used to build a property or number of properties that are then either re-financed or sold.

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