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Protect your income with ASU insurance

ASU Insurance or accident, sickness, and unemployment insurance is a good idea if you think you may have difficulty paying your mortgage if you are made redundant or are injured and unable to work.  Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance is beneficial if your job doesn’t have sick pay or if you are self employed.

ASU Insurance will provide insured homeowners with a monthly income to meet your financial commitments should you become unable to work. Typically it pays out to cover your mortgage payments and related costs. You choose the amount of benefit however there are limits to the maximum amount and the premium is usually a percentage of the benefit amount.

The option is available to separate the accident, sickness and unemployment cover by only getting accident insurance or combine two of the three products. Most policies will also have a ‘deferment period’, which is the time you will have to wait to starting receiving benefits after you become ill, had a accident or lose your job.

At the Mortgage Advice Center, we specialise in matching ASU insurance policies to your specific requirements. We listen to how much coverage you want, your budget and any concerns you may have regarding the policy. Our jargon free advice is free with no obligation.


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