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Home Mortgage Insurance

How Can Home Mortgage Insurance Help You?

If you are unable to work, mortgage payments are made for you

Home mortgage insurance can help maintain your monthly payments during times of financial strain. Whether you are made redundant or fall victim to illness or accident, home mortgage insurance provides monthly payments to cover your mortgage. Twelve monthly installments are provided to help you meet your mortgage obligations.

In today’s uncertain economy, redundancies are running high, it is vital to take stock of your bills and consider your options if you become unfortunate and lose your job. Redundancy can be very unexpected and can happen to anyone. Home mortgage insurance give you peace of mind in your work place.

At the Mortgage Advice Center, home mortgage insurance is a recommended product for all homeowners. With experience arranging mortgages, we understand how big a deal it is when a mortgage completes and how devastating it can be when defaults, arrears, ccjs and repossessions occur. Don’t let this happen to you, protect yourself with home mortgage insurance today.

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